Welcome to DMSI

Third Party Logistics

DMSI is a third party logistics(3PL) company providing outsourced supply chain management solutions to retailers and manufacturers. We are a leading provider of retail logistics/distribution services to many of the leading department store, chain store and specialty stores nationwide. Our logistics solutions to manufacturers are proven distribution programs for plant support, delivery to customer and reverse logistics. Our clients range from Top 50 Corporations to Regional Companies.

DMSI has worked with clients to develop state-of-the-art automated cross-dock, distribution and warehousing facilities. DMSI engineered flow-through processes enable rapid store/plant replenishment. Our supply chain optimization and advanced distribution strategies include DC bypass and pool services driving time out of supply chain and reducing inventory by speeding product to the end consumer.

By anticipating changing requirements, understanding client's business objectives, and acting with a sense of urgency, we seek to provide supply chain efficiency. We focus on quality, accuracy, security, and attentive customer service.

Our clients benefit from proven logistics expertise and a range of 3PL services that address key business issues, such as on-shelf availability, supply chain agility, effective use of infrastructure and other resources. DMSI helps clients optimize their supply chain and release capital to be invested closer to the customer. We enable new market entry or channel expansion.